08th January 2013

Dear Diary,

I told you about the place with all these cherry trees, the lush green grass, the small river where swans swim and lotus-flowers grow? I didn't? Well then it is time to change that.

Located near the *qbee garden, next to a huge blooming cherry tree, in the middle of waiste-high green grass, I found a small treassure, which is called the "Cherry Blossom Café".
When standing in front of it you will notice the amazing details, started with the flowers climbing up the old wood like they were hugging it, then the old rosted bicycle resting against the walls. After you entered there is soo much to explore that I would need weeks to explain to you.
Instead I took some pictures for you and also collected some flowers from there which I dried

The photos really don't do the place justice, but at least you have an impression now, of what awaits you at this small and beautiful café.
By the way I will head home to have some tea, see you soon!

Love, Emy

Visit by clicking here!


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